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Puna verzija: Ne dozvolimo Hiksu nove zajmove!
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Ja nisam cesto na ovom forumu, pa ukuoliko sam ovo postavio u pogresnom dijelu izvinjavam se, ali to je potpuno nebitno sada.

Jutros su se procule vijesti/tracevi da je Hiks veoma blizu novog zajma i da zeli da otkupi 100% kluba. svi znamo koliko bi to bilo pogubno za LFC i zbog toga na jednom od foruma pokrenula se kampanja neke vrste email protesta kojim zelimo da pokazemo novoj banci koliko je nama stalo da Hiks ne dobije zajam.



"This morning, supporters of Liverpool Football Club woke up to the news that Blackstone/GSO is considering a £281m loan to Tom Hicks to continue in his leveraged ownership of the club, news which is greeted by us with a mixture of anger, outrage and despair.
I can assure you of a number of facts:
Should Blackstone/GSO or any other of the financial institutions cc-ed to this email bail out Tom Hicks, you will be taking a heavy risk, even without the hostility of the supporters of the club.
You are no doubt aware that Hicks Sports Group defaulted on a $525m loan last year and the details of the lenders’ outrage at his subsequent manoeuvres concerning land around the Texas Rangers’ stadium. If not, we would be happy to provide you with the details.
Hicks subsequently gave interviews making clear that the default was ‘strategic’ and painting himself as a successful businessman in other fields.
Hicks cannot have it both ways. Either he is a successful businessman – in which case he thinks nothing of reneging on financial agreements if they prove onerous to him – or he did not have the money to repay the loan. In neither case can he be considered a good risk for repayment of a large loan.
No doubt, Hicks has portrayed LFC as a successful vehicle with a growing commercial profile and the ability to repay high interest payments in his approach to you. You should be aware that LFC is in decline, thanks to Hicks’s tenure, and has dropped out of the lucrative Champions League. Its inability to support the interest on the current loans is one factor draining the on-pitch success that ensures off-pitch profit. On Thursday, its ground was 20,000 short of capacity as fans stayed away. It is said that Hicks is seeking to mortgage the loan against the ground and players: if so, you should also be aware that the ground is worth little, being in an extremely depressed area of Liverpool, and the players have made publicly clear their opposition to Hicks’ continuation as owner so that it is likely the best will leave (their ability to pick their own destinations means there can be no guarantee of their achieving their highest worth) should he stay.
It is said that Hicks believes the supporters will accept him as a sole owner. If he has indeed been so deluded as to have informed you of this, I now seek to correct the impression. Hicks and his son are held in contempt by millions of Liverpool supporters worldwide. We are increasingly mobilised and drastic measures, including boycotts, are now being discussed. We are not prepared to see the club we love bled to death.
Has he informed you about Liverpool’s worldwide supporter base? A word of advice: the lukewarm fans will drift away as the debt bleeds the club dry of success, the hardcore fans will boycott and do everything in their power to ensure Hicks is ousted without a penny of profit as quickly as possible.
Don’t believe me? Research us. Look at whom you are dealing with. Look at the boycott we carried out against The Sun newspaper after it defamed our supporters. Look at how we drove shock jockey S Cohen off the air when he insulted our dead. We are not the tame consumers you lbo people are used to dealing with. We are militant, passionate and committed. I don’t know how we will do it, I don’t know how long it will take, but we will drive Hicks from this club and your organisation will be the target of our considered and organised action if you bail him out.
Oh, and personally, I wouldn’t lend Hicks a fiver.
Yours faithfully, Liverpool fan. "

email adrese cete naci u linku.
Molim vas, odvojite 5 minuta vremena posaljite email, ne dozvolite da ovaj covjek nastavi da unistava klub a da mi nista ne pokusamo da uradimo da bi to zaustavili.
Every men counts!

Vanja Trotter
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