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Dr Stein
The Danish brewers' name has adorned the red shirt at every home game over the last eighteen years - but as Carlsberg prepare to sign off as the club's shirt sponsors at the end of the season their name will be displayed in Chinese language for the clash with Chelsea on Sunday afternoon.

With Liverpool the only UK city exhibiting at World Expo in Shanghai - its twin city - later this year, Carlsberg officials came up with the novel idea of interacting with the club's massive fan base in that part of the world.

Carlsberg Group Sponsorship Director Keld Strudahl said, "We're delighted to have been able to bring about this momentous occasion. We believe it's a nice little gesture to our friends and fans of Liverpool FC in China, where we know the Club devoted huge support in working things out and we also worked hard with all parties to mark this special occasion for the World Expo."

In addition to the change on the front of the players' shirts, Chinese messages will be displayed during the match on the perimeter advertising boardings and in the Carlsberg Lounge at Anfield a Chinese competition winner will present a trophy to the "Man of the Match" after the final whistle.

The Chinese Carlsberg logo will be only the fifth logo ever printed on a Liverpool FC shirt. Liverpool FC's first sponsor was Hitachi, followed by Crown Paints, Candy and then Carlsberg in 1992


Verovatno malo ulizivanja Kineskom trzistu,kao i nagovestaj oko kupca wink.gif
thumb.gif moze biti a nemora da znaci
matori lfc
Ko zna,mozda nam promena sponzora napokon donese titulu! laugh.gif
CITAT (matori lfc @ Apr 30 2010, 12:10 PM) *
Ko zna,mozda nam promena sponzora napokon donese titulu! laugh.gif

Уколико се то деси, можда би требали да размислимо о промени спонзора сваке године?
QUOTE (matori lfc @ Apr 30 2010, 10:10 AM) *
Ko zna,mozda nam promena sponzora napokon donese titulu! laugh.gif

sa Carlsbergom titulu nismo osvojili... promena ne moze da skodi...
sta je ovo kalzberg na kineskom... biggrin.gif
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